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Committee Members:

Chairman/Coach : Antony Williams –
Treasurer/Membership Secretary : Margaret Palczykiwiecz –
Welfare Officer : Rev Christine Owen –
Secretary : Ray Dewsnap –
Website Manager : Niki Cotton –
Gala Team Manager : Simon Cotton –
Coach/Fundraising Officer : Rita Thomas –
Health & Safety Officer : Irene Jones –

2. As I have previously mentioned, the club is always on the lookout for people to “help out” in such activities as:

Coach – if you are a qualified coach, great. If not but fancy doing a coaching course, then it is advisable to do the job of Poolside Assistant for a while before you go on a coaching course. This gives you a good insight into the requirements of a coach, and a better “working relationship” with the swimmers.

Poolside Assistant – assist the coaches during training sessions. There are no formal qualifications for this role but it helps you improve your skills and knowledge of the different levels of swimmers, the skills and standards required for swimmers to achieve the different levels, and it might encourage you to become a club swimmer!

Team Manager – the official duties are:

• To provide a central point of contact/liaison point for communication on behalf of the team • To attend pre-competition/camp briefings as required • To arrange all team travel, travel itineraries and accommodation (where required) • To provide information to athletes, coaches, parents/guardians as appropriate • To undertake team selections (if appropriate and in consultation with others)

Looks complicated? Simon Cotton thought that but since he has done the course and taken over the job, he says he thoroughly enjoys it! Have a chat with Simon if you are interested.

Swimming Officials All swimming clubs are expected to have swimming officials, these include Judge Levels 1 and 2, Starter, Referee. There are always courses being run locally for these appointments, and at the moment they are FREE.

To partake in any of the above appointments, in accordance with National rules covering Working With Children, personnel have to go through the DSB (Disclosure Barring Service)Clearance process. (Note: DSB has replaced the old CRB (Criminal Records BureaU) clearance process).

If you are aged over 16 and are interested in any of the above jobs, please contact me or any of the committee members.

Club info is available on: